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Home-Home building

From the ground up!

Looking to build your dream home? We can help! From the selection of a lot to the final delivery, our employees and network of trades will make sure your new property meets all the Building Requirements but most of all, exceed yours.

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Invest in comfort that lasts.

Remodeling your property is an investment in your comfort that lasts for years and increases the value of your home.  Our team of experienced carpenters is there to provide you with professional advice and help you make an informed decision.

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Real Estate


Doing our own thing.

The Alberta real estate market is going through a frenzy and we are not standing on the sideline.  Take a look at our real estate projects and don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss potential business ventures.

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Functional Design

At Ycon we strive to find the perfect balance between beauty and functionality. We want to make sure every living space offers the ‘Wow’ factor while serving a purpose.

To achieve this means staying on top of local building codes, learning about new building techniques, technologies and products while inspiring and getting inspired by various architectural and interior designs.

Our Projects

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16-014 South east exterior remodel

  • 16014 BEFORE 1
  • 16014 BEFORE 2jpg
  • 16014 BEFORE 3
  • 16014 BEFORE 4
  • 16014 BEFORE 5
  • 16014 BEFORE 6
  • 16014 left side water damage during
  • 16014 left side water remediation during
  • 16014 back during1
  • 16014 back during 3
  • 16014 right side during
  • 16014 Back during2
  • 16014 right side after1
  • 16014 left side after1
  • 16014 back after1
  • 16014 front after2
  • 16014 front after1

16-003 Canmore condo renovation

  • Untitled-1
  • bathroom2
  • entrance
  • kitchen
  • living room
  • 16003 upstairs bath after (2)

14-003 House flip #3

  • IMG_20150401_091002
  • 10450527_878378655531967_7029729492535413111_n
  • 1382957_878378945531938_7258762747844228155_n
  • 11071025_878379185531914_5991690421784716044_n
  • 10999653_878379392198560_7325054810007037285_n
  • 13506_878379545531878_8419960792742443375_n
  • 10686631_878379988865167_6691739889856209084_n
  • 1484683_878380088865157_3097204522193077963_n
  • 11062254_878380212198478_361284908275923542_n
  • 11054528_878380318865134_1651591728422667719_n
  • 11026215_878380345531798_1002819443218526178_n
  • 10929035_878380428865123_1766634912758916949_n
  • 11062254_878380468865119_120262790024871525_n
  • 10983156_878380542198445_6221798914258923105_n
  • 11009112_878380655531767_7485018037255846579_n
  • 11046422_878380725531760_4399832813495137294_n
  • 10917432_878380868865079_4007493641138746813_n
  • 10556314_878380932198406_4149712692720010468_n
  • 11039700_878380975531735_8934586044073732870_n
  • 1458677_878381285531704_5353498396797874185_n
  • 10174854_878381682198331_292127749422203854_n
  • IMG-20140911-WA0000
  • IMG-20140929-WA0002
  • 14-003(9)
  • 14-003(11)

Latest News

  • No time like the present to look for a new home

    With the first three months of 2016 behind us, let's take a look at how the residential construction industry in Calgary and area fared in the first quarter.
    The numbers from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) show new home starts in every segment - single-family, semi-detached, row and apartment - are approximately half of what they were after the first quarter of 2015.
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  • RioCan pushes ahead with Calgary project despite oil slump

    RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust, Canada’s largest retail landlord, is starting construction this week on a project that will add 770,000 square feet of shopping and residential space in downtown Calgary, despite an oil crash that’s cut jobs and forced other companies to slow development.

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